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Wow Account GLAD +305 Mounts 6x60lvl (Full Gear 310 ilvl PVP) 2100 cr !.


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Im willing to sell my personnal account Wow 
Contents 6x60 Lvl, All PVP (REALM PVP, HORDE)
305 Mounts (a lot of rares one)
21k Hf
Monk WW : 300 Ilvl 
Curent rating : 1800 
Exp : 2600
(Stuff DPS + HEAL up max)
(Full gear S4 Shadowlands)
Hunter SV/MM : 303 Ilvl 
Curent rating : 2080
Exp : 2300
(Full gear S4 Shadowlands)
Priest Holy/Dp : 310 Ilvl
Curent rating : 2100
Exp : 2450
(Full gear S4 Shadowlands)
Rogue Sub : 290 Ilvl
Curent rating : 1600
Exp : 2100
(Full gear S3 Shadowlands)
Lock Affli : 290 Ilvl 
Curent rating : 0
Exp : 1900
(Full gear S3 Shadowlands)
Drood Boomy : 290 Ilvl
Curent rating : 0
Exp : 2100
(Full gear S3 Shadowlands)
+ Alts lvl 50 etc...
All ZERETH MORTIS Quests are done, you have 278 Conduits on ALL CHARS, ALL COVENANT etc...
You can play as soon as you got the account informations, all included, no surprise.
There is 3M5 Golds in it
Glad Shadowland mount in bags 
I don't sell seperated Chars 
I demand 350€ by payment.
Add me Discord if u want more infos and screens : Horseking#5468
Im a serious seller, i can sharescreen account, and deliver it to you quickly.
Thanks for your time and don't hesitate asking questions ! 
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  • 2 semaines plus tard...

I proposed this Gentlemans to send them ANY PICTURES they want from the acc, with any pose or anything, to prove that i'm the owner. 


I need to protect the names of my chars and my Account, every serious seller does that :)


(For exemple they send Safe armory, no more)


I refused to Sharescreen the acc, but they did not want my pic. No problem, but don't insult me of scamming anyone. 


PS : They wanted me to Sharescreen Account page to ;) 

PS2 : Arnaud and Kevvzz are friends, i don't understand why they use 2 account to send me messages...


Not serious at all, nice waste of time. 


Acc still ready to go ! Wisp me or add me discord, and you'll have all the proof you want that i already own this acc :) 

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Just for the next buyers


As i said i will cover the names of the acc but for exemple and to be clear, i can provide you screen (names covered) with screen from any region, or any Tmog, or anything, i can screen you Char by Char, i can screen Champ select screen with the same tmog etc... 


I won't sharescreen Bnet informations and Ingame informations ofc but you'll be sure that im the owner ;) 


Feel free to ask :) ! 

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