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7x Rank1 Mage


Sujets recommandés


Mage 1 : 7x Rank1 ( Warmongering / Demonic / Dread / Sinister / Notorious / Corrupted / Sinful Gladiator
2x Hero of the horde ( Ferocious / Sinful )
( Cosmetic elite gear / PVP Tabard / TCG Tabard / PvP Illusion in (bag not used)

Elite gear in bag / bank : S13 / S14 / S15 / S16 / S17 / S18 / S19 / S20 / S21 / S22 / S23 / S24 / S25 / S26 / S27 / S28 / S29 / S30

Pvp Tabards in bag/ bank : s14 / s15 / s16 / s17 / s18 / s21 / s22 / s23 / s24 / s25 / s26 / s27 / s28 / s29 / s30 / s31 ( unchained )

tcg tabard in bank : tabard of Flame / tabard of Brilliance / Tabard of Void

PvP Illusion in bank : Glorious Tyranny / Primal victory / demonic tyranny

( all of those will transfer with the character on your “account” everything will be added to your collection of xmog automatically excepted the PvP illusion that you will need to right click to learn them on the account.

The character has unlocked the Challenge Mode in MoP & WOD
Legion Mage Tower weapon appearance ( every weapon from every spec is unlocked )
Shadowland mage tower also completed.

Tier 3 items in bank :
Warlock : head / legs / gloves
Mage : Head / legs / boots

RIO S1 & S2 SL : 2300 rio in s1 and 2500 in s2 both mount unlocked etc.
The character has one Gladiator mount in bank which is the Sinister Proto Drake along with some unused mounts : Zulian Panther / Rivendare deathcharger / reins of thecobalt primordial direhorn ( oondasta mount 0,2% drop chance ) / Glacial Tidestorm ( Jaina Mount ) / 7x PvP Vicious Saddle so you can buy any PvP mount that you like.

The character has nearly every transmog in the game Pvp/ Pve content

I am also selling the whole if you are interested since I am no longer planing on playing the Game due to IRL’s
The account has 25000 achievements points / 400 mounts like Heavenly Onyx Cloud serpent (sha mount 0,1% drop) / Invincible Reins / Mimiron Head along with so much other rare mount you can contact me and I will list / send a private armory if you wanna know more about the mounts.
The account has full T3 Mage - Warlock & Priest.
Unobtainable title like Immortal / The Undying.
The Account has 13 Gladiator mount
List : Warmongering / Vindictive / Cruel / Ferocious / Fierce / Dominant / Demonic / Dread / Sinister / Notorious / Corrupted / Sinful / Unchained (i can also do this season gladiator (Cosmic)
Legendary weapon on the account : Thori'dal, Warglaive of Azzinoth, Fang of the father, Thunderfury, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, Shadowmourne, 
Every Ahead of the Curve since 2015 

Since it’s my one and only it also has a TBC license which has a Mage level 70 With Gladiator season 1 ( Swift Nether Drake) the char is full PvP gear with full S2 PvP season and some Vengeful (S3) current season gear.

I might have forgotten some stuff about my chars / account since there is a lot of things on it
If you are interested in buying my char/account note that I will not waste my time with people that aren’t serious let’s not waste each other time if you are interested feel free to contact me on Discord : Skkjr#0481 (PS: L'annonce et en anglais mais je parle aussi français)

I am the owner of the account I will provide Passport / ID if you have any doubt regarding the char if I am the owner feel free to ask me a private Sharescreen or anything else on Discord I wanna make this smooth from both side.


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