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  1. SKYPE: kyradin336 DISCORD: bera336 # 3650 Some of My Feedbacks: Looking for accounts that flagged for WOW Classic Beta Access.
  2. SKYPE: kyradin336 DISCORD: bera336#3650 Hello i am looking for; Scarab Lord Corrupted Ashbringer Rank 1 PvP Characters Collection Accounts Some of My References;
  3. No response coming from you pal.
  4. I will not buy it but it is my job to prevent people overpaying for something that is actually way more cheaper. I personally know more than three active seller who sells this mount around 600 Euro currently. Also i do not cry because of a random cheap seller's harsh words. Do not worry about that
  5. Hey we were spoken before but can't find your Discord due to many friend request that i got daily basis. Can you write to me? Skype: kyradin336 Discord: bera336#3650
  6. Most expensive TCGLoot website prices cheaper than yours. Even tho they are so overpriced, they are selling Magic Rooster for 750.
  7. Send me your discord/skype and price please.
  8. Sent you a message via Skype.
  9. Reserved to me. Edit: I purchased it.
  10. I am looking for Rank 1 Demonic Demon Hunter. I am highly and well repped EU seller on EpicNPC/Ownedcore. There is not any budget limit for it. Skype: kyradin336 Discord: bera336#3650
  11. Add me. Skype: kyradin336 Discord: bera336#3650
  12. I want to purchase. I reached you from Skype.