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  1. Discord: BERAccounts#1111 Skype: kyradin336 Whatsapp: +905375928018 Mail: ABOUT US-- BERAccounts is a registered USA company since 2018. We are representing the very peak in the EU World of Warcraft account market with outstanding reputation and experience. Every product that is listed by us in the past and in the present, has significantly distinctive features that separates them from other accounts. If you want to buy a product or sell your product to us, you can be sure that we will provide not only the highest quality of service but also our most highly regarded value; experience. INSTANT & TOP PAYMENTS-- Unlike other resellers, we have no drawback when it comes to instant payments. If we are satysfied with your product and you are satysfied with our offer, you will be paid immediately. Do you have something to offer? Don't hesitate to contact with us before sell your product. PAYMENT PLANS-- As BERAccounts, we are able to offer payment plans that specifically designed for each individual person who wants to make a purchase from our vendor. Feel free to contact with us regarding your questions or requests related payment plans. WARRANTY-- As BERAccounts, we have never faced with any character or account recovery disputes in our past two years of existence. Unlike other resellers, we have %100 confidence regarding what we are selling to our customers. Most of our products comes from highly reputable and known members of the World of Warcraft community. Even if we have %100 confidence about what we are selling, BERAccounts also gives warranty against callbacks made by original owners. OUR MENTALITY-- As BERAccounts, we understand and respect your journey. We are here for give reciprocate of your time and labour. EXPERIENCE IS OUR DIFFERENCE
  2. Not trustable person. Be aware!